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Throughout Nebraska, we offer overseeding and aeration services. Please complete the form below, and one of our specialists will respond as soon as possible.

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Hire Our Aeration and Overseeding Service..

Don’t worry—Elkhorn Lawn Care is here to help.

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Throughout Nebraska, we offer overseeding and aeration services. Please complete the form below, and one of our specialists will respond as soon as possible.

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Lawn Overseeding & Aerating Service in Omaha

It’s gotta breathe! A great lawn requires sunlight, regular mowing, and watering. Elkhorn Lawn Care provides information on lawn health and vibrancy through lawn aeration. Lawn Aeration is a great way to create a lush carpet of grass. At last! Finally!

Our specialized equipment is used to remove small plugs from the soil. Your lawn will be able to breathe in rich nutrients, absorb proper fertilizer, alleviate soil compaction, thus allowing it to flourish. The rule of thumb is that stagnant lawn growth can be avoided by aerating.

Are you unsure of the area of your lawn? Our lawn specialists can map your entire property using advanced aerial imagery. We can remove walkways and patios as well as landscape beds. We only care about your turf.

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The Core Aeration benefits your lawn in many ways

Aerated lawns are healthier than non-aerated ones because they have more oxygen available for roots and plants. They also require less water due to better drainage. In addition, aeration helps prevent weeds and other invasive species from taking hold by creating thicker and healthy turf.

We provide a variety of services including:

  • Lawn aeration
  • Turf installation
  • Landscape design
  • Mulching
  • Weed control
  • Seeding

Strong Grass Roots

At Elkhorn Lawn Care, we believe in strong grassroots. That means caring people doing what’s right for their customers. Whether you need help maintaining your current lawn or want to start over, let us show you how easy it is to get beautiful results.

Here at Elkhorn Lawn Care, we make sure that every customer gets individual attention and superior quality work. We understand that each homeowner has different needs when it comes to their own personal lawn.

Overseeding: Thin, Weed-Free Turf

Overseeded areas look so much greener and cleaner than unoverseeded areas. Overseeding allows for proper root development which leads to stronger, thicker grass. If you don’t know if you should overseed, give us a call in Omaha ne. We’d love to talk to you about this important step in keeping your lawn thick and healthy.

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We Are The Best Lawn Aeration Services Providers in Nebraska

Aeration over seeding is a process that helps to improve the quality of your lawn by improving drainage processes, soil compaction and nutrient intake simultaneously.

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The Benefits of Using a Professional Lawn Aeration Service

These benefits are numerous. The most obvious benefit is that you will have a beautiful, healthy-looking yard. This can be achieved by having your lawn properly aerated and then overseeded to ensure it has enough nutrients to grow strong roots. If you are not sure how often you should get your lawn aerated, we recommend getting it done once per year in the fall. We also suggest watering daily after these services for the first two weeks.

We use only high quality products when performing our services. Our specialty formulated seed combines a mixture of fescue grass to help your turf to maximum results.

Omaha Lawn Aeration Has The Following Main Advantages

1) Improves air circulation around plant roots

2) Increases overall health of the lawn

3) Prevents weed problems

4) Allows for deeper penetration of fertilizer

5) Reduces watering requirements

6) Helps reduce disease issues

7) Eleviates soil compaction

8) Provides improved appearance

9) Enhances natural beauty

10) Eliminates unsightly patches

11) Promotes faster recovery after drought conditions

12) Protects against erosion

13) Maintains good moisture levels within the soil

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Omaha’s Best Lawn Aeration Services All Year Round Service

We aerate in the spring, summer, and fall when aeration is most effective.

The aerating process breaks up thatch build-up in your yard, encourages good water drainage, and allows for increased oxygen absorption in the soil.

Allow Your Lawn to Breathe

The aeration process also benefits you by reducing lawn compaction which can inhibit grass growth and root development.

Unmatched Customer Service All Over Omaha, Happy Customers

That’s what we are all about. We want to build strong relationships with our clients by always putting their needs in front of ours. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To achieve that, we have to ensure that our customers are delighted with both the aeration process and final results. Our aerating techniques will put you closer to achieving the rich green grass of your dreams while leaving your yard looking pristine. We know aerating is not just about technique it’s about service too.

Contact Us With Any Questions

Are you unsure if your Omaha lawn needs aeration or overseeding? Our Omaha Nebraska Yard Care can be reached at (402) 509-3622 for a complimentary estimate.

Lawn aeration is highly recommended in August, September and October.

Lawn seeding can be a neglected task that keeps turf healthy and thick. Elkhorn Lawn Care suggests annual fall overseeding to maintain turf health.

Blended fescue overseeding is best done in the early part of September and October when it’s warm but not too cold. Your lawn will be more resilient to drought and disease by overseeding.

Elkhorn Lawn Care should handle the turf aeration for best seed-to-soil contact. What’s the reason? We create thousands of holes in your turf that create ideal conditions for seed germination. To ensure full seed germination, you must water your lawn for at least two weeks, once per day.

As in many other places, Omaha has beautiful, well-groomed yards. This is because they have the right growing conditions. Core aeration, which is done in spring and fall, improves lawn health and beauty and optimizes root growth. It also reduces thatch.

Lawn aeration improves the root system of your lawn for better resistance to diseases, insects, heat stress and drought, and also improves water flow, air quality, fertilizer and movement. This can help to reduce your Omaha home’s water consumption. Core aeration is recommended to ensure the best results.

Elkhorn Lawn Care in Omaha is the best fall lawn aeration service. Aerating your lawn in fall is a great way to give it lush, thick grass. Aeration is essential when it comes to winterizing your yard. Aeration improves the root system of your lawn, which allows for better resistance to insects, disease, heat stress and drought. It also increases drainage, air movement, fertilizer and oxygen levels. Your Omaha home’s water consumption can be reduced by aeration.

A soil that has been severely compacted requires constant aeration. Solving soil compaction will not be possible with just one service. Aerating seriously compacted lawns two times per year may be necessary, as both a preventive and curative measure.

A: Fall is the best season to overseed and aerate your lawn. This is due to the lower temperatures that are combined with the aeration of your lawn creating the perfect conditions for grass seed germinating.

A: It is best to aerate your lawn when it is dry. The machine can cause turf damage if too wet or saturated. You should allow 24 hours for your lawn to dry out after it has rained.

A: We do not recommend overseed your lawn in spring. Preemergent fertilizer can be applied to lawns in spring to prevent them from germinating. Preemergent fertilizers will not permit grass seed to germinate. To allow grass seeds to germinate, we recommend you overseed in Fall .

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commercial mowing NE

Let us know about your idea and how we can make it a reality.

A good lawn care service and a professional lawn aerator can make your lawn healthier and give you the emerald grass you have always desired. Overseeding adds grass seed, which is most beneficial, to your turf.

As part of your lawn care program, you can aerate together and overseed. This reduces soil compaction as well as adding grass to thin areas. Elkhorn Lawn Care offers professional lawn aeration services and overseeding for healthier lawns.

It is important that you understand the basics of overseeding. You simply plant more grass seed in your turf by overseeding.

Common Questions About Lawn Overseeding And Aeration

What is the purpose of overseeding your lawn? Why you should consider investing in a lawn-overseeding service

The most common reasons for overseeding a lawn is to:

  • Spread new seed into your lawn in the fall before winter sets in to create a thicker lawn
  • Repair areas of damage on your lawn from unusual weather events, pets, and family activities
  • Provide a blanket coverage for bare patches
  • Add turf variety by adding new grasses such fescue and rye, both great drought-tolerant options and lack invasive growth patterns.

Lawn reseeding is an excellent option for those who want a quick turnaround on their lawn. Just a few weeks after the service is completed, your grass will be healthier and greener than ever before. In addition, you will save time by not having to wait for months to see results from traditional yard care treatments.

What is the purpose, and what are the benefits of aerating your lawn?

Aerating the lawn is done when the soil in your yard is compacted or has thatch build-up. Aeration aims to break up these compacted zones that block air, water, and nutrients from reaching the grassroots. This will promote healthier growing conditions for your lawn, reduce weeds, and prevent insect infestations by improving root system functionality. A healthy soil ecosystem will also allow microorganisms access to plant roots they need to function properly, which can help stop plant diseases before they start.

Aeration benefits include:

  • increased oxygen infiltration into the soil, which improves the playability on most surfaces (even clay)
  • decreases surface temperatures
  • increases breathing capacity (affects the moisture content of the soil, the air volume in turf blades, and depth of root penetration)
  • improves uptake of water and nutrients from the soil
  • help reduce thatch to allow for better air exchange between turf roots and soil
  • creates a more attractive looking lawn

What is the best time to have your lawn aerated?

People with lawn aeration and overseeding in Elkhorn should have their lawn serviced around the beginning of September. This is when the temperatures are most ideal to be aerated, but there is still plenty of time for grass seed and fertilizer to be applied and take root before winter sets in.

Which is the best time of year to over-seed and lawn aeration?

As for the best season to overseed, any time of year is appropriate. However, you want to ensure that all your soil conditions are ready to accept the new seeds. For example, you don’t want to be overseed when the weather is too hot.

What is the best time to water my lawn after the aeration and overseeding are complete?

To ensure a successful long-term seed application, you must water your lawn as soon as possible after the aeration and seeding process has been completed. The best time to water your lawn is when the soil is dry to the touch. Suppose you want to give your lawn a good soaking, water it thoroughly with an initial application of about .5-1″ of water distributed evenly throughout your entire yard. This will help settle the soil and allow for maximum seed germination.

What should I do if my lawn is mowed after overseeding?

It is okay to mow after aeration and seeding. The grass seeds are very small and not easily sucked up by mowing or bagging. It is best to contact our aeration and overseeding lawn service in Elkhorn, NE, for help. We can give you advice on what to do next.

Are Children and Pets Safe to Use the Lawn after Aeration and Overseeding?

The answer is “yes”–children and pets are safe on your lawn after aeration or overseeding.

Children and pets are safe to use the lawn after aeration or overseeding. The holes made by the aerator are tiny, often on the order of 1″ in diameter, so it is unlikely that they will cause any damage to feet or paws. Aerating also makes the grass look better by removing old thatch and opening the soil to air and water penetration. This allows the lawn’s healthy grass plants to “breathe” after a year or two of being suffocated from too much thatch.

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