When does the mowing season start-finish?

Season starts as early as March and ends as late December.

How many mows are in a season?

We estimate about 30 mows per season from start to finish.

What is the frequency of mows?

We only offer weekly mowing, no exceptions.

What are the heights for mowing?

We do not cut shorter than 3 inches. We will adjust the blade heights as the seasons change for grass health.

Will your mower fit through my gate?

Our smallest mower width is 36’, you will need at least a 40” gate for our mowers to fit in your backyard.

Do you use a push mower?

No we do not have any push mowers.

Do you bag clippings and leaves?

We will bag each mow if you request us to. Additional fee per bag will apply*

We will bag in the spring and the fall if there are excessive grass clippings and leaves to prevent your turf from getting fungus and to make the appearance of your turf clean.

What do I need to do before my mowing day?

We ask customers to please pick up any animal waste, toys, lawn furniture etc…



How many steps are in your fertilizing program?

We offer a six step program, you can join our program during any step.

Do you use a granular of liquid application?

All of our applications are granular.

Is weed control included in the program?

Yes, we will spray for weeds in your lawn as part of our fertilizing program.

We do not spray in the landscape beds.

  •  To protect your turf from any damage if it is above 90 degrees or inclement weather we can not spray**

How long do I have to wait between applications?

We typically apply applications 4 to 6 weeks apart, this timeline is weather dependent and may vary.

Is your fertilizer safe for my kids and pets?

Our applications are kid and pet friendly. Please wait 30 minutes after application is applied to walk on turf.

Do you have watering instructions for the applications?

All watering instructions are in the yard flag left by the technician.

Can I mow my lawn after an application?

Yes, you can mow the lawn, your mower and our mower do not have enough suction to pick up the granular.

Do you give free service calls for fertilizer and weed control?

YES! Call us anytime and we will send out a technician.


When is the best time for an aeration and overseed?

You can do aeration in the spring or fall, however we would recommend aerating in the fall.

Do I have to aerate and seed every year?

We recommend aerating every year and over-seeding at least every other year.

How often do I water in my seed once applied?

Twice a day for the first 2 weeks, then once a day for the next two weeks. If seed is not watered in properly you will not see effective results.

What happens to my seed if I am not able to water in due to weather change?

Your seed will go dormant until the spring.

Do I have to mark my sprinkler heads?

Yes, to prevent damage. We do mark sprinkler heads – additional fees will apply**

How deep does the aerator make the plugs?

Our aerator will make 6 inch plugs in the turf.

How big is the seed?

The seed is the size of a nail clipping, it is hard to see once applied- the seed will fall into the plug if aerating beforehand.

What kind of seed do you use?

We use an ELC custom blend that we have mixed together to benefit the turfs specific to our region.

Can I mow after my yard has been seeded?

Yes you can. Your mower and our mower do not have enough suction to pick up the seed.


What time of year should I turn on my sprinklers?

Typically mid spring- weather depending.

How often should I run my sprinklers and what time of day is it best?

Typically 2 – 3 days a week in the Spring and Summer, however each lawn is different and will need to be watered accordingly. The best time to water is between 4 AM – 8 AM.

Do you do sprinkler repairs and installation?

Yes we do. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.

Do you do irrigation service calls?

We do offer service calls, service call fee will apply*. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.

Does my irrigation system and/or water feature need to be winterized?

Yes, both need to be winterized to prevent damage. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 to sign up.


What is included in the Landscape Maintenance package?

Trimming of shrubs and bushes some exclusions apply*

Spraying and pulling of weeds and debris from landscaping beds.

Is this a one time or a monthly service?

We offer both one time and monthly clean ups, it is up to the customer on which fits them best.

Does it include tree trimming?

No, tree trimming is a separate service. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.


When is the best time for mulch to be laid?

We recommend doing it in the Spring, but offer laying mulch down through the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

What color mulch do you offer?

The only mulch color we offer is a dark espresso brown.

Do you do a topping off and dressing?

Yes we do. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.

Do you put pre-emergent down?

Per customer request, the pre-emergent will help from weeds coming through the mulch beds.

Do you replace fabric and edging?

Yes we do! Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.


What kind of rock do you use and do you have various options?

We use an assortment. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.

Do you offer boulders?

Yes, similar to the rock we have various options. Please call the office at 402-830-2907 for more information.


How do I get started and what is the process?

Call the office to set up a meeting, the bid is created based on work that needs completed and sent over with a design concept- designs are available for purchase and are open to revisions. Turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks dependent on season. 50% deposit is required.

How long until I get my estimate?

Estimates usually take about a week turnaround once the initial meeting is had.

Can purchase the design, is it copyrighted?

Yes you can purchase the design. All designs from ELC are copyrighted.


Do you travel all over Omaha to remove snow?

Snow removal is not offered in all areas, please call the office for details.

When will you come out?

We will arrive after the storm is finished and if there is more than 1/2” of snow or more on the ground.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary, price is dependent on snow received.

Will you use a plow for my driveway?

No, we will not use plows on residential driveways.

Do you put down ice melt?

We will not put down ice melt on residential driveways unless requested.

Can I buy ice melt?

We do sell 50 pound bags for purchase. Please call the office for pricing & delivery options.


When will you start to put up lights?

We typically start putting lights as early as mid to late October (weather dependent).

Will you install lights I already have?

We only hang lights purchased through us or Brite Ideas in Omaha.

We have a Holiday Lighting catalog that can be emailed over for you to look through.

Can you add lighting to my landscaping areas or trees?

We definitely can! Please call the office for more details.

Will I own the lights?

Once the lights are purchased you own the lights. If you ever move you may take the lights with you or sell them to the new homeowner since they will be custom cut to the house.

Who stores them?

You can store your lighting or we can (storage fees apply*). If you store with us, there is a 2 year warranty on your lighting.

Will you install and take down?

We offer installation, take down and storage!

Is there a warranty on the lights?

If you store your lights with us, we offer a 2 year warranty. For all coverage questions please call the office at 402-830-2907.

How much does this cost?

Cost will vary on lights chosen and the linear square footage needed. The lights are custom cut to your home.

Why are these lights better than normal store bought ones?

Lighting bought through Brite Ideas are commercial grade lights custom cut to fit your home. These lights have a longer lifespan than most lights bought from common retailers.