Whether you have a large open lot or  a small yard with trees, Elkhorn Lawn Care has the right equipment to professionally mow your lawn.

Our weekly grounds mowing services provide the consistent look to a well-maintained lawn.  Serving both residential and commercial properties, we will ensure a professional look with mowing, trimming, edging, and cleaning up of your turf.


The best looking lawns are fed and fertilized throughout the year. Elkhorn Lawn Care knows the best way and the best time to fertilize with the right nutrients for a lush, green lawn.

Our 6 – Step lawn fertilization granular based programmed that is customized to your turf area.  Our certified professionals are trained to detect any problems that may spring up in your lawn and treat them before it is too late.  Insect and weed control are an ongoing process throughout the year so you know that you will always have a healthy weed free lawn.


A little sun and a little water go a long way, but those dry spots in your lawn need some help. Elkhorn Lawn Care is a full-service lawn care company, dedicated to each of our services. Our irrigation services make sure that your entire lawn is watered and growing.

From irrigation start up to fall winterization and everything in between, let us manage your turf watering schedule for maximized turf growth and prevention of disease and water waste.  Breaks, leaks and broken sprinkler heads are very common and can be easily fixed. We also repair and can replace all back flow systems.