Prepare your sprinkler system for winter

Freezing temperatures are quickly approaching. Preparing your sprinkler system for winter is very important to avoid damages. Without the proper winterizing procedures, water will remain trapped in the supply lines and freeze.  This will crack or burst the lines.  In some cases this can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the interior and exterior of your home.



Our technicians, who are licensed with Omaha's Plumbing Board will be winterizing your sprinkler system to ensure proper shut down and inspection before the winter months.



By following the linked diagram below, you will ensure proper procedures are completed on the inside of your home before we blow out the system outside.  If you need assistance, don't worry, our technicians will help you to complete the steps.

Sprinkler Winterization Guidelines



Hoses should also be disconnected from the outside hose bibs (faucets).  Water trapped inside the hose may cause expansion and damage the hose bib as well.



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