Pest Control Omaha

Pest Control Program:

Elkhorn Lawn Care can protect your home with our 4 Step Perimeter Pest Control Program.  Our program creates a barrier around the foundation of your home for up to 8 weeks and keeps insects like spiders, mites, crickets, ants, etc. from entering inside.

Benefits to having a perimeter pest control program:

  • Helps keep any unwanted pests from invading the home
  • Will not harm any form of plantation
  • Product is a colorless and odorless in applications
  • Helps to control a wide variety of crawling pests
  • This is all done around the outside of your foundation which keeps insecticides out of your home

Our Program Consists of 4 Treatments:

  1. Spring Application - May
  2. Early Summer Application - July
  3. Late Summer Application - August
  4. Fall Application - October

For more information, pricing or to sign up, please visit our contact page today!