Monthly Archives: July 2017

Does your lawn have a fungus problem?

You may have Dollar Spot! - We have noticed Dollar Spot across the metro and want to help YOU if you notice this fungal disease - * This turf disease is caused by consistent high humidity, hot temperatures, and watering too much.  * This is a grass blade disease, not a root disease. These tips…
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Welcome our newest Landscape Designer Jennifer!

We would like to introduce our newest member to our ELC family. Jennifer Stanek has joined us as a Landscape Designer from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with her degree in Landscape Architecture! We are very happy and excited to have Jennifer on board to help us continue creating beautiful landscapes throughout the metro area.…
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Dull Blades?

This is a great time of year to double check your mower blades to ensure you are still getting that proper cut. If you see a white haze look to your lawn or your lawn has turned a pale green color that could be due to dull mowing blades. Mowing blades should be sharpened at…
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